1. Hip Pain Explained

    Shakira was onto something when she sang: “Hips don’t lie”, if something is amiss in the hip area, your hips will surely let you know - in the form of pain. The pain could be dull or sharp, continuous or periodic, aching or severe depending on the particular problem, but the culprit of hip pain will almost always be the hip joint.

  2. History of Pain Relief

    Pain is the oldest and most universal affliction that people experience. It has been studied, analyzed, dissected, and explained from philosophical, political, and religious standpoints throughout time. However, the physiological understanding of it had remained quite limited for a very long time, which meant that pain management was extremely limited until relatively recently.

  3. Women And Pain

    “Pain is pain” some might say, but of course we know that there are varying degrees of pain, as well as different types and durations which all affect our perceptions of pain. What we never expected was to find out that not only does pain vary based on the above reasons but also based on one’s sex.

  4. Meditate The Pain Away

    Mindfulness has become a very popular term, everyone is trying to practice it in their daily life. Read more...
  5. How To Deal With Ankle Sprains

    Emagine a regular day, you are going about your business, everything is going according to plan and then you take a wrong step and feel your ankle and leg turn in a way that doesn't feel natural or comfortable, in fact quite the opposite, it’s awkward and painful.

  6. Injury Pain Relief

    Physical Injury can happen anytime and any place; slipping and falling, getting hurt in a car accident, or getting injured while playing sports are just some examples of how common physical injury is, and the subsequent pain that develops as a result of it. 

  7. Chronic Pain Relief Through Alternative Treatments

    Anyone who has experienced chronic pain knows that it’s a real drain on the body and mind. It has the power to affect every aspect of one’s life and makes it impossible to continue as normal.

  8. Joint Pain Causes & Treatment Options

    Anyone who has had joint pain, knows all too well, the kinds of challenges, discomfort, and strain that it causes. Not to mention the toll that it takes on the body and mind.

  9. The Mystery Of Fibromyalgia

    Have you been feeling tired, forgetful, and unable to sleep?

  10. Proven Strategies For Dealing With Chronic Pain

    Whether it is lower back pain, or neck pain, joint pain, fibromyalgia, or muscle pain, chronic pain in any form just goes on and on with no end in sight, making the sufferer feel not only exhausted from the constant aching but also hopeless for relief. 


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